People love us, but dont take our word for it. Here’s what everyone else is saying:

Linda Myers (Kotvová) Prague Eagle Cheerleaders Prague, Czech Republic We have been using Got Cheer Music for the last several years and they've really helped us up our game! Our girls always love the mixes and it gets them pumped for every practice and every competition! Thanks Tony!
Lauren Kerr Vibe Studios Kilsyth South, Australia Thank you so much for the mixes and how prompt you've been. We work with a huge amount of companies and there are very few that have been so wonderful to work with. We have been so incredibly impressed with all our mixes and we are so happy to work with you guys!
Brieanna A. Vanden High School Fairfield, California, USA I know you guys are super busy. I appreciate you always taking care of us! The girls LOVE the music!
Leah Salar IS 93 Rams School USA Thank you it's perfect, can't wait to win competitions with !!
Head Coach Spela Sports Club Pike Slovenia We really love the music, thank you so much ;)

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