Licensed (Compliant) Cheer Mixes

Compliant mixes use license covers and original back beats to build and create a mix. We purchase the license from the cover in your team or organizations name. We then send you the licensing information and create the mix. Each licensed cover is valid for 12 months from the date purchased.

2:30 $455
2:00 $405
1:30 $355

Your mix will include:
7× 8-counts of custom VOs**
Up to 7 licensed songs
1 Effects Edit
Best choice if you would like to hear more songs and less voiceovers

2:30 $605
2:00 $665
1:30 $525

Your mix will include:
14× 8-counts of custom VOs**
Up to 6 licensed songs
1 Revision
2 Effects Edits
This pack is for you if you like a balance between songs and voiceovers

2:30 $705
2:00 $665
1:30 $625

Your mix will include:
21× 8-counts of custom VOs**
Up to 5 licensed songs
2 Revisions
Unlimited Effects Edits
This pack is for you if you like a lot of personalized custom voiceovers

Royalty Free Original Mixes

Royalty Free Original Mixes are original musical scores, custom and unique to your team. All lyrics and melodies are exclusively produced for your team. Royalty Free Original Mixes are compliant because all rights to the music are held by GCM and is granted to YOU for broadcast.

Up to 2:30
47× 8-Counts*
— Generic VOs**
47 Custom VOs**
∞ Voices
∞ Revision***
∞ Effect Edit***
Up to 2:00
30× 8-Counts*
— Generic VOs**
30 Custom VOs**
∞ Voices
∞ Revision***
∞ Effect Edit***
Up to 1:30
23× 8-Counts*
— Generic VOs**
23 Custom VOs**
∞ Voices
∞ Revision***
∞ Effect Edit***
Up to 1:00
15× 8-Counts*
— Generic VOs**
15 Custom VOs**
∞ Voices
∞ Revision***
∞ Effect Edit***

Why the increase in music prices?

Because cheer music in the United States now needs a paid license and/or 100% original music, the music cost for the producer has dramatically increased. We at GCM have done our very best to keep these costs as low as possible.

What is the turnaround time for these mixes?

Compliant Music: 7-10 business days
Royalty Free Original Music: 10-12 business days

What if I need a RUSH?

5 DAY RUSH for Compliant Music is $100.00 / mix.
3 DAY RUSH for Compliant Music is $200.00 / mix.
RUSH on Royalty Free Original Music is $250.00 / mix and can be completed within 5 business days.

What if I need more voiceovers or cover songs?

Additional voiceovers or cover songs cost $20.00 / 8-count.

What if I need addional revisions?

Additional revisions beyond the required number included in your specific package is $90.00 / hour.


For Compliant Mixes, GCM purchases the licenses on behalf of the team/organization with the order. GCM will then provide the licensing information in its completion when the mix is delivered. The purchasing team/organization is then bound to the rules and regulations of the licenses specified by the license provider. Please read your rights carefully. You will not be granted rights to commercially distribute these recordings, in parts or entirely, or as part of any other remix. You cannot grant these rights to any other entity.


VO(s) = Voiceover(s)
* Typical 8-counts per length. Actual number of 8-counts will depend on the beats-per-minute and could be lower or higher.
** The number of voiceovers are included in the total number of 8-counts, not in addition to.
*** Limited to an 8 month period.
Broadcast = Play the music during a public performance (i.e. competition or exhibition). Does not apply to private use at home or during practice.
$15 / per 8-count beyond the respective alloted time.

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