International Dance Mixes

International mixes do not requre licensed covers. In these circumstances, the event has purchased a license which covers all broadcasts and therefore do not require teams to provide licenses. This is common in competitions outside of the United States. Some private performances also fall under this category. These mixes can be used in perpetuity as long as the event host does not require individual licenses. If you are unsure of your host’s licensing requirement, please contact your event host for clarification. *** Please note that in the event that no specific song selections are provided and you have authorized GCM to autonomously create a mix, a dissatisfaction with the chosen songs will incur a reproduction fee of $100.00. This fee facilitates the creation of a new mix incorporating your preferred song choices.

2:30 $290
2:00 $270
1:30 $250

Your mix will include:
Your Team Name**
1 Revision
1 Effects Edit
For the team what wants to add custom to their sway!

2:30 $205
2:00 $185
1:30 $165

Your mix will include:
Your Team Name**
1 Revision
1 Effects Edit
Create Jazz music that you can connect with and can bring out the best in your team

1:00 $205

Your mix will include:
Your Team Name**
1 Revision
1 Effects Edit
Double the dancers!
Double the fun!
Double the excitement!

What is the turnaround time for these mixes?

Compliant Music: 7-10 business days

What if I need a RUSH?

5 DAY RUSH for Compliant Music is $100.00 / mix.
3 DAY RUSH for Compliant Music is $200.00 / mix.

What if I need more voiceovers?

Additional voiceovers cost $20.00 / 8-count.

What if I need addional revisions?

Additional revisions beyond the required number included in your specific package is $90.00 / hour.


International mixes CANNOT be used at any USA Cheer endorsed event. This rule applies to any other event which requires individual licensing of broadcasted content.


VO(s) = Voiceover(s)
* Typical 8-counts per length. Actual number of 8-counts will depend on the beats-per-minute and could be lower or higher.
** The number of voiceovers are included in the total number of 8-counts, not in addition to.
*** Limited to an 8 month period.
Broadcast = Play the music during a public performance (i.e. competition or exhibition). Does not apply to private use at home or during practice.
$15 / per 8-count beyond the respective alloted time.